House Speaker, Senate Pro Tem plan to finish unfinished business in 2020 – WCAX

Paid family leave and minimum wage will be addressed early in the session, House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe told the press yesterday. Then it’s on to climate, marijuana, lots of other ‘unfinished business’ from this year’s session, plus a few new initiatives as well. Question: have they resolved the differences that prevented passage of these bills in May?

"When the session starts, lawmakers say they'll begin by wrapping up unfinished business from last year, such as paid family leave and minimum wage bills. And questions still remain about a legal market for marijuana, Act 250 reform, new gun safety legislation and the ability of the House and Senate to work together. House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe on Thursday outlined a plan for the 2020 legislative session. They say minimum wage and family leave bills are on the top of the list.

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