House passes paid family leave, but without enough votes to override veto – VT Digger

Every House Republican and enough Progressives, Democrats and Independents yesterday voted against the Paid Family Leave bill, denying House leadership the 100 votes necessary to override a veto. Sign of things to come for commercial marijuana, minimum wage, climate bills?

"“Think about the absurdity of a paid leave program that tells a person that they can take paid time off to care for their spouse with cancer, but the person afflicted can’t take the paid time off to care for themselves,” said Rep. Randall Szott, D-Barnard, who has helped lead the effort to oppose the paid family leave bill. House Republicans voted against the bill in unison. Many in the party said that they would have supported the governor’s paid family leave proposal, which would have made the program voluntary, and not a requirement, for workers or employers to pay into.

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