House Energy ignores ANR recommendation on climate change lawsuits, approves GWSA – VT Digger

H688, the Global Warming Solutions Act, would give the Agency of Natural Resources vast power over all state regulations and decisions with a bearing on carbon emissions. Headed for a veto?

"It also empowers activist lawyers to sue the State by 2025 if stringent goals aren’t met. Yesterday the current ANR Secretary Julie Moore recommended extending that date to 2050. The committee refused to even vote on the matter and voted 7-2 on party lines to approve H688. It’s now in the Appropriations Committee.

Julie Moore, secretary of the state Agency of Natural Resources, told members of the House Energy and Technology Committee Tuesday afternoon that citizens should not be allowed to sue the state over emissions reductions until after that 2050 deadline. “By the time we sort of get through the planning process and the rulemaking process, we’re literally within probably two years if not less from that first deadline,” she said. “And so our ability to demonstrate those sorts of results in that timeframe, I think, is going to be extremely limited.” She stressed that the administration also wants to see “significant” emissions reductions, but feels those will ramp up over time once new programs are put in place, similar to the state’s clean water efforts."

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