House committee won’t House committee won’t let Town Meeting voters take second pass at school budgets - Times Arguslet Town Meeting voters take second pass at school budgets - Times Argus


Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures, Scott administration Finance Commissioner Adam Greshin said of the $166 million hole in the state education fund. But lawmakers yesterday declined anything as extraordinary as giving Town meeting voters an opportunity to rethink their pre-pandemic votes.

“I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by suggesting the budget votes would have been different, or the budgets themselves would have been different … if voters knew then what we know now,” he said. While the committee has focused on a finding a solution that steers clear of increasing the property tax rates that were projected in the run-up to Town Meeting Day, Greshin argued its revenue-only approach was fraught with risk and uncertainty. Spending, he said, should be part of the conversation and that required revisiting voter-approved school budgets and possibly reopening settled teachers contracts. “These are extraordinary times and they require extraordinary measures,” he said."

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