Homeless man living on roof of Berlin shopping center - WCAX

One thing about living up on a roof - other people leave you alone. And for some homeless people - including a young man in Berlin - that’s just what they want.

"Many people go into Staples in the Cherry Hill Plaza in Berlin to shop. But some workers in the area have noticed a homeless man is also using the store -- to sleep on the roof. John Duke works in the area and says he was shocked to hear the news, saying he wouldn't dare to go up there in this heat. "Absolutely not," he said. And it's not just the Staples. Berlin Police say they first got the call a few months ago that a man in his 20s or 30s sets up camp where many might not look. "He likes to use pallets left behind businesses and he has some plastic containers and he builds a little shelter next to an air conditioning unit to blend in and uses the power from the AC unit," said Berlin Police Ofc. Joseph Carriveau.”

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