Opinion: Hey Vermont – don’t be renewable-stupid like California and its forest fires – Fractals of Change

California – you mean so well. But your forestry practices and refusal to update power lines have resulted in forest fires that emitted more carbon that the rest of the state did for a whole year! Smarten up, will ya?

“California made the wrong choice. It’s ratepayers do pay twice as much as their neighbors in nearby states; but California chose to spend the extra money on politically popular programs to subsidize renewable energy projects rather than maintaining its aged electrical grid. It chose to subsidize electric cars for affluent people rather than first upgrading the lines that bring power to those cars. It insisted that new homes have solar panels but allowed them to be built in flammable forests which are now being set ablaze by over-burdened and under-maintained utility lines.


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  • Patrice Maloney
    commented 2019-11-28 09:49:20 -0500
    Don’t count on anyone listening to common sense here in VT. The education and “green energy” lobbies are strong and the subsidies provided by taxpayers too accommodating.