Here’s the question: can Bernie come back? - VT Digger

Jon Margolis asks: how many times do the ‘experts’ (including him) have to be wrong about the Democratic nomination before people starting taking whatever they say with a grain of salt?

On primary night in New Hampshire last month, two veteran political observers chatting in the bar of the big hotel in downtown Manchester agreed that Biden’s fifth place finish meant his campaign was effectively over. I was one of the two. The other, long known for his perspicacity, covers politics for a very prestigious publication. We were hardly alone. The common view in that bar that night – and this was before anybody’d had enough to drink to diminish his or her astuteness – was that only Michael Bloomberg could stop Sanders. As recently as March 1, polling analysts projected that Sanders had a far better chance of winning a majority of delegates than did Biden. Now Biden is considered all but certain to win that majority. Could such an abrupt reversal not itself be reversed?."

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