Health Dept. press release restates Levine position on “6%” CDC report - VT Business Magazine

Apparently the media play of Health Commissioner Mark Levine’s comments about “armchair epidemiologists” misunderstanding a recent CDC report on Covid fatalities wasn’t satisfactory. The Health Department has issued a press release providing, in detail, what Levine said about the “6%” report at Monday’s press conference.

“Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD, sought to debunk a misleading claim that “only 6%” of the reported COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are solely attributable to the new coronavirus.

This misleading claim stems from an Aug. 26 update the Centers for Disease Control posted on its website, which provides a detailed breakdown of the accompanying health conditions and contributing causes of death reported in people who have died of the new coronavirus in the United States. The other 94% of the deaths were among people who had underlying health issues – issues that were part of their health profiles – but each of these people died from COVID-19.”

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