Health Commissioner contests “armchair” reading of “6%” CDC report - Vermont Daily

People who think a CDC report reduces the number of Covid-19 fatalities just don’t understand medicine, Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine says.

“Six percent [of death certificates] will say Covid was the only thing that killed the person,” Levine continued. “They were a healthy person otherwise. The other 94% had a vairiety of other things on their death certificates” – such as kidney and heart disease and diabetes, he said. “Covid tipped them over. It was overwhelming and their system couldn’t handle it. They died because Covid was on the planet. Because I feel so strongly, I feel we should take a few moments of silence in honor [of the victims].”"



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  • Susan Bowen
    commented 2020-09-13 12:02:31 -0400
    It is time for The Commissioner to look at the numbers. Vermont had 3 deaths in Vermont in the last 3 months! These deaths were allegedly from COVID? In this time period there are usually about 1500 deaths from other causes. Where is the pandemic??? Now look at the real man made pandemic in the increase in the suicide rates, the depression, destruction of businesses lost and livelihoods decimated and the list goes on. The experts like Fauci are compromised in conflicts of interest. The money Fauci will make from a vaccine is unfathomable. What conflicts of interest does the Commissioner have? Who is whispering in his ear? Who is offering him money? I do not feel he has any of our best interests at heart. It is time for Mark Levine to step down and lets hire someone like Dr Scott W. Atlas. Lets get back to normal!