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A vandal approached South Burlington’s middle school in a silver Prius and then damaged a Black Lives Matter poster. School and police officials have declared their opposition to racism and their determination to find the vandal.

"After holding a rally for racial injustice Tuesday night, students had put up signs in front of the school. But a police patrol early Wednesday discovered the "Black Lives Matter" sign was defaced. "These students, you know, they're very courageous, they're out there during a very difficult time," said Karsten Schlenter, the school's principal. She called the sign's destruction discouraging. "Obviously we don't know the origin or how it happened but I can only assume that it was done with ill intentions." South Burlington Superintendent David Young called the destruction of the sign unacceptable. "We will use this opportunity to remind ourselves of the work that lies before us as we continue to move toward becoming an anti-racist school district," he said. Police say their investigation has found that a lone person arrived on the school campus in what is believed to be a Toyota Prius. The lone suspect is seen committing the act of vandalism before leaving the area. City officials said all city resources will go into investigating the crime, which South Burlington Police Shawn Burke classified as a hate crime. "It's just a blatant act of racism, and if South Burlingtonians need a reminder of where racism lives, it's everywhere. I am deeply deeply troubled by this," he said. ”

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