U-32 high school considers 'hate symbol' ban - Times-Argus


Should images of the swastika and the Confederate flag be banned? A group of U-32 (East Montpelier) students and teachers pondered the question this week. One question not mentioned in the news story: who decides?

"The small, but thoughtful group included a mix of students, parents and staff members who expressed widely differing views on the hate symbol policy the student group Seeking Social Justice wants the School Board to adopt.

Some participants did disagree — if only on the margins — while others, like Owen Myka-Smith, said they were torn.

Myka-Smith, a senior said he worried about hate symbols, but was also worried about “cancel culture” and was struggling to “balance” the two with respect to the proposed policy."

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  • Richard Ley
    commented 2019-11-05 18:53:50 -0500
    It is obvious that our students are either being led astray or they are thoroughly confused about what represents racism

    Schools in Vermont have no problem flying the black lives matter flag which definitely has racist overtones and encourages the murder of cops maybe it’s best to leave these things out of the curriculum of students that really have not lived life yet until they see things more clearly

    It is sad the children are being led astray and being told they are the leaders when they don’t have the knowledge to back that

    I think our schools need to stick to Reading Writing and arithmetic so we can begin to graduate students that are ready for the real world I really don’t believe most of the taxpayers want to support the indoctrination of our children or our children being being led astray