Guv likely to sign vote-by-mail bill; town clerks concerned - True North

Gov. Phil Scott yesterday said he is unlikely to veto S.348, the universal vote by mail bill. Some town clerks are worried about the consequences.

"Dawn Dwyer, town clerk for Lyndon, told True North in a recent interview that while she sees the need to be cautious about the virus, there’s no way to know who votes in a mail-in election. “[You can’t know] unless they are lifetime town voters [and] you’ve worked the polls for 20 years and you recognize their handwriting,” she said. Under the current system in Vermont, when a voter requests a ballot, the person will often visit the town clerk’s office and provide a signature that can be compared to the one on the returned ballot later. However, when a ballot is requested by phone or online — or simply mailed out to every registered voter from the Secretary of State’s Office — no signature is captured for comparison."

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