Guv: eliminate income tax for Vermonters age 18-26 – WPTZ

Make no mistake, Gov. Phil Scott is ‘all-in’ on attracting workers to Vermont and keeping young Vermonters here. Add to 1) paying out-of-state workers to move here, 2) asking Pres. Trump to send us as many refugees as he can, and 3) inviting Great Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife to move to the Northeast Kingdom, his latest idea: don’t tax the earnings of working young adult Vermonters.

"The idea is one of several strategies the administration is pushing to try to begin to reverse the steady erosion of young workers that Scott calls a full-blown demographic crisis. One lawmaker familiar with the proposal is Rep. Bill Canfield, a Fair Haven Republican and vice-chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. "The governor talks about keeping our workforce here, keep younger folks here from leaving the state. This is an incentive for them to stay and work here in Vermont and live here," Canfield said. "It'll maintain their employment and help them contribute to our Vermont economy until they get on their feet."

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