Gun resolution dominates Cavendish town meeting - Chester Telegraph

A non-binding resolution to declare Cavendish a “Second Amendment Sanctuary Town” failed by two votes.

“A number of people questioned why the town should vote on the resolution in the first place since the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution already protects the right to bear arms. Stephen Plunkard asked if bazookas and machine guns were included in the intent of the resolution, to which Lindberg said those were either illegal or heavily regulated.

Several residents rose to express their fears that legislation could erode their rights to guns and the resolution was a way of “giving voice” to their support for those rights. One compared two types of rifle using the same ammunition and noting that one could be seen as an assault weapon while the other – perhaps deadlier – would not.

A number of the supporters of the amendment said that they owned guns, trained in using them, trained their children to use them and kept them secure. Several others were concerned about what the resolution says about the community. One said she would rather that the not be known as a “gun-owner township.” Calling it a losing argument, another asked if it wouldn’t be better to be known as “the town that looks after its elderly” or “that welcomed people in or tried to create jobs so our young people aren’t leaving.”



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