Gun carry ban opponent to senator: “It must be nice to have guards” - True North Reports

Seems a little unfair for legislators to ban firearms in some public buildings, when they have armed guards while most Vermonters don’t.

"“Do I think legislators should be armed in the capital. No,” Sears said. “Not when we have a police force we’re spending good money on….I can’t think of anything more tragic than a legislator feeling threatened and pulling a gun on a witness, who we have told you can’t be armed.”

“Senator, you hit on a key point. It must be nice to have guards,” Bradley said.

“Yeah, it’s wonderful,” Sears said.

“Yeah, well, the rest of us don’t,” Bradley replied. At that point Sen. Jeanette White (D-Windham) scoffed and Sears cut off the line of discussion."

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