Grass-fed beef sales up in Vermont - Rutland Herald

There are a few silver linings. Vermont’s grass-fed beef and other animal meat is selling very well, thank you.

"Cynthia Larson, the owner with her husband Richard, of Larson Farm in Wells, said sales for their products have nearly doubled from last year. Larson Farm sells butter, yogurt, cream-topped milk, skyr yogurt (Icelandic cultured dairy product similar to Greek yogurt but with a milder flavor) and beef. Their spring sales of beef is already sold out. “What we usually sell by June is already gone,” she said. Larson attributes much of the increase to the response to the COVIP-19 pandemic. “Although I definitely wouldn’t want to prosper at the suffering of others, there has been a silver lining to the pandemic, many, many more people are thinking local for their food, and that is good for us and good for Vermont” she said. All of Larson’s products come from grass-fed cattle, a farming method Cynthia believes is much better for both the land and the water quality."

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