Gov. Scott, Dept. of Health: why don’t ski tourists follow Covid rules? - Margie Klark

Gov Scott & Department of Health:
As information is released that some COVID cases are linked to ski resorts, it appears there is a giant gap in enforcement in these areas.

What is being done at each resort to ensure out-of-state visitors are quarantining when they arrive or have before they came? Why are ski resorts allowed to book rooms short term to out-of-state guests? I know for a fact Burke Mountain is allowing guests from Las Vegas to come here for four days. Why is that allowed? It’s impossible to drive straight here (I know the people are flying). With only a four day stay, it’s clear that a mandatory quarantine is also impossible.

I don’t understand how this can be allowed but our kids still aren’t allowed to play sports. The lack of transparency in the process is frustrating. The basic foundation of parenting is setting expectations, being transparent and following through. Families of student athletes are meeting your expectations and are not gathering, wearing masks, working remotely, supporting our kids in a hybrid learning environment. It seems the approach could be simplified - set the expectations, share the data and get them playing. If we aren’t meeting the benchmarks, tell us! The lack of transparency in this process is so frustrating to parents and athletes alike. This feels like extreme government overreach and our children are being used as pawns to ensure compliance.

Vermonter’s are doing what is asked of us. We are wearing masks, not gathering, quarantining if we leave the state, limiting our children’s ability to go to school full time, etc. We are doing this all because you said we need to protect fellow Vermonter’s. It seems to me, you are asking a lot of us while turning the other way when it comes to protecting us from others.

Margie Klark

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