Gov. Phil Scott considers tolls as one alternative to gas tax – Vermont Daily Chronicle

Climate change means change for Vermont – especially in the area of transportation. New bike lanes, electric snowmobiles, expanded rural bus commuter routes, car-free urban housing projects – there’s a lot in the works. Including the possibility of trading the gasoline tax for a federally-implemented highway toll system.

“Tolls could become a renewable transportation battlefield in the not-too-distant future. In a recent interview with Vermont Business Magazine, Gov. Scott said the thought of tolls replacing the gas tax “excites” him. But it would need to be done at the federal level, he said. Something’s gotta replace the highway-maintaining gas tax, receipts from which decline annually as more Vermonters buy electric cars, commute, walk or bike. Lawmakers have been arm-wrestling for years over either raising the gasoline tax or assessing an equivalent on electric cars, without a clear winner. Another possibility is a highway ‘use’ tax based on mileage recorded during annual inspections. “A new tax structure will appear,” Scott told VBM.

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  • Alan Sexton
    commented 2019-11-21 17:48:57 -0500
    I’m fed up with this climate change bulls%$t. History proves climate vacillates, back and forth. When I was in high school the alarmists were warning of the coming ice age and how detrimental this would prove to humanity. Enough…