Gov. Hunt House at Vermont Yankee given to Town of Vernon – Brattleboro Reformer

The historic Gov. Hunt House, long a meeting place for Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant supporters and staff, was formally given to a Vernon non-profit that aims to revitalize the town that lost its biggest employer and taxpayer when Vermont Yankee closed.

"Joseph Lynch, director of government affairs for Entergy Nuclear, handed over the keys to the house to Miller in a room full of Vernon residents, who have been working to help revitalize their town since Vermont Yankee shut down, which ultimately cost the region 600 well-paying jobs, many of them Vernon residents. "Entergy is fulfilling the commitments it made to the community following the closure of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station," Lynch said. "Vernon has always been a strong supporter of VY and home to many VY employees. We're delighted to see this historic building put to good use by the community," he said.


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