GOP lite guv hopefuls split on Trump - VT Digger

Scott Milne says he plans to write-in “Jim Douglas” for president instead of voting for Donald Trump, but three other GOP candidates for lieutenant governor backed the president. According to press coverage, Trump appeared to be the main topic of conversation.

"Hansen, a political newcomer, said she was fully behind the president because of the economic strength the country has enjoyed over the past four years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Any administration that increases access to work and improves our quality of life should have our 100% support,” Hansen said. Tucker said he believes Trump “actually cares” about the working class and is a “fighter for their rights from an economic standpoint.” Colson concurred, adding that while he supports the president some of his tweets make him “cringe.”."

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  • Alan Sexton
    commented 2020-07-18 18:41:19 -0400
    Vermont Digger no longer permits the huddled masses to comment on their content. Speaking as one who has politely (but sternly) challenged their obvious sociopolitical left bias and frequent gross lack of objectivity, I am confident that this is precisely why they chose to stifle free speech on their platform – too many among us were challenging their lack of integrity, ethics.