Gone for 17 days, family labrador returns - Brandon Reporter

The family was on vacation in Maine when they learned their pet labrador Darby had run away from the pet sitter. What to do?

“With his family’s blessing (they all wanted to go), Pierpont came home to Leicester and started a diligent daily routine based on the advice of friends who do animal rescue. He set up three game cameras and started going out walking three hours a day, everyday, in different directions. He would take one of his day-old worn T-shirts and drag it on a rope behind him to spread his scent around the area, hoping Darby would pick up on it. He kayaked the Brandon Swamp from the Leicester River to Route 7. He borrowed a have-a heart humane trap from the Rutland County Humane Society. Pierpont estimates he walked over 180 miles looking for Darby, and for weeks, there was no sign of her."



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