Global Warming Solutions Act gives citizens right to sue if State of Vermont doesn’t reduce enough carbon emissions – VPR

The Chair of the House Energy Committee says Vermont lacks a carbon reduction strategy. A bill he sponsored requires the State to meet stringent reduction goals and gives private citizens (including environmental groups) to right to sue the State if goals are not met.

"Although the bill would allow citizens to sue the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) if Vermont doesn’t hit its emission reduction targets, Gardner worries that won't be enough to hold lawmakers accountable, and the funding will be too unpopular.

Whatever emissions reduction plan ANR devises will require substantial new funding from future Legislatures. Briglin said lawmakers understand this. “There is no question that there’s going to be investment that will be involved in making this transition, no question at all,” Briglin said. The cost of inaction, he added, is far greater than whatever it will cost to meet the targets.

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  • Rob Roper
    commented 2020-02-06 12:13:30 -0500
    This isn’t about letting citizens sue the state. That’s a cover for letting special interest groups sue the state. Joe and Sally Smith aren’t going to lawyer up. VPIRG, CLF,, etc will. And the taxpayers will end up paying them to sue ANR. GWSA is anti-democracy, its goal is to rule by judicial decree rather than representative legislation. It’s a terrible idea.