Gas prices continue to fall - Vermont Business Magazine

With gas prices falling anyway, the coronavirus work slowdown has sent prices at the pump even lower. Now if only there were someplace to drive - hey, let’s go to Canaan, gas is under $2 there!

In Vermont, the lowest price reported on the website (GasBuddy app) is Cunningham's in Canaan, which is down to $1.98 a gallon. The average statewide price is $2.34 a gallon, down 10 cents from a week ago and nearly 20 cents less than this time last year. The first station in nation to fall to 99 cents per gallon is here: GasBuddy has confirmed at 6:20am CT that a BP station in London, Kentucky has lowered its price to 99 cents per gallon, according to a cashier who answered the phone and also GasBuddy users who reported the price to GasBuddy app.

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