Burlington City Council votes 7-5 to not disarm cops - WCAX

In response to police and public outcry over a city councilor's proposal to disarm police, the Burlington City Council last night passed a resolution affirming the good work police do and their need to carry guns. The resolution passed by a narrow 7-5 margin.

""This is a basic statement that really ought to be a no-brainer to say, 'Look, we've got some problems. We're looking at those with the special committee.’ But we also want to say we think we have a really good police department. We support them," Wright said."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2019-09-24 19:12:57 -0400
    Wow! That close ! One more reason to state that the best thing that Burlington has going for it, is that it is sooo close to Vermont ! But as close as they are to Vermont they are a lot closer to California. What a bunch of Loons !
  • Alan Sexton
    commented 2019-09-24 15:05:16 -0400
    The seven sane councilors should have let this idiocy fly to provide a desperately needed education in reality for the five lunatics and their like-minded constituents.