Founder of Marxism used ‘N-word,’ denigrated jews - True North Reports

Socialists love to point fingers at America’s “racist” founders being responsible for America’s “racist” institutions. Okay - what about Karl Marx?

“In an 1862 letter to Frederick Engels, Marx described leading nineteenth-century German socialist, Ferdinand Lassalle, in the following way: “The Jewish n—-r [here Marx uses the ‘n-word’] Lassalle … fortunately departs at the end of this week … It is now absolutely clear to me that, as both the shape of his head and his hair texture shows – he descends from the Negros who joined Moses’ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or grandmother on the paternal side hybridized with a n—-r). Now this combination of Germanness and Jewishness with a primarily Negro substance creates a strange product. The pushiness of the fellow is also n—-r -like.”"

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