Former selectboard member who handed out condoms at polls sings “Jethro Tull” song to protest Essex town/village merger – Seven Days

It’s not often that the planned administrative merger of a Vermont town and village causes someone to break into song. But this is Essex Village and Essex Town we’re talking about – anything can happen. Check out the guys in the background – their body language suggests Irene Wrenner shouldn’t leave her day job. 

"But Wrenner, who lost reelection in March after 12 years on the board, took it to another level earlier this month when she belted out an Essex-relevant rendition of Jethro Tull’s “Locomotive Breath” at a selectboard meeting. With an instrumental version of the song playing in the background, Wrenner, clad in a leather jacket and jeans, danced as she wailed her own lyrics into the microphone.

“Oh this merger train is speeding, towards Election Daaaaayyy,” she sang when it was her turn to speak during public comment. “Only voters can stop it, with a vote of nay! That’s the way to slow this merger train down.”

Meeting minutes earnestly describe Wrenner's performance: "Her rendition mentioned the municipality’s history, process, surveys, and feedback provided about the proposed merger," the document reads. "She sang about her hopes that the process slows down and focus on what is most important.""

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