Fish & Wildlife offers tips to keep bears out of compost bins - Associated Press

The Chittenden County lawmakers who zealously pushed the food scraps law don’t have to worry (as much) about hungry bears. But the State of Vermont recognizes the threat and has issued an advisory on how to make your compost as unappetizing as possible. Carbon-emissions trip to the local food scrap drop-off center, anyone?

"The best way to keep bears away is to take food scraps to a drop-off station or have them picked up by a trash hauler, the Fish & Wildlife Department said. For backyard composters, minimize the chances of attracting bears by using three parts brown material — such as dried leaves and yard debris, wood chips or shredded paper — to one part green material — which includes kitchen scraps, vegetables and small amounts of fruits, the department said. Adding brown material cuts down on smells and quickens composting."

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