Firearms policy expert: VT Senate bill would leave Vermont churches vulnerable – Vermont Daily Chronicle

A proposed bill to ban semi-automatic rifles in public places could leave Vermont churches vulnerable to shooters like the man who killed two people near Ft. Worth, Texas before armed parishioners shot him down.

“At present, guns are banned only from schools and some government buildings. Baruth’s bill would allow public carrying of handguns and non-semi-automatic rifles. The intent of the ban would be to limit only “assault weapons,” thus deterring more mass killings with powerful semi-automatic rifles. But such good intentions would have the opposite effect, Moore said. “This is a conversation that has to begin – the private, lawful carry in self-defense,” Moore, of Johnson, said. “Sen. Baruth’s bill will advertise gun-free zones to predators and put people in risk by forcing them to store their guns in their cars.”

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-01-04 20:17:15 -0500
    Let me see if I understand this. A church is a “public” place ? The Government has the authority to say what you may or may not possess in a house of worship ? A church can be a sanctuary for miscreants, but the government gets to decide whether or not the parishioners can carry within it’s doors ? In-freckin credible !