Fate of Act 250 unclear as Senate chair says it will take time - Rutland Herald

Sen. Chris Bray (D-Addison), Chair of the Natural Resources and Energy Committee, said in a few weeks the Senate will be able to move past emergency Covid-19 legislation and deal with pre-virus priority bills.

"Among those back burner items are amendments to Act 250, Vermont’s major land use law, which prior to the pandemic had absorbed a great deal of the Legislature’s time and attention. The amendments were passed in the House and sent over to the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, where it’s been sitting. Bray said it’s easily among the top three bills the Senate would likely make a priority once it can divert attention from COVID-19. Even so, there might not be enough time to address it. “I’ll be frank, it’s a large and complicated area of work,” said Bray. “It has everything from municipal planning all the way through statewide planning and land use, it has economic development impacts, it has recreational impacts, it has environmental impacts, and so because it is really a complex group of vital laws I want to be extremely careful in how we take it up and what we move.”"

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