Vermont Water Cooler Releases Fall 2019 Survey Results

With the presidential race heating up, Vermont Water Cooler surveyed Vermonters to see what the Green Mountain State thinks  about America's choices for our next leaders in the 2020 election.


Results were gathered by phone and web between 9/9/2019 and 9/19/2019. 279 responses and counting. This page last updated 11/20/2019.


While many of the results may not be surprising, there are some interesting takeaways. For example, most Vermonters might expect Bernie to be leading in his home state. He is, but many will be surprised by how razor-thin the margin is. Elizabeth Warren came in a somewhat distant third, however it seems likely that she has eaten into Bernie's base which might explain his lackluster numbers.

Republicans are solidly behind Trump. There is little doubt the sitting President has solidified control over his party, even in a state that offered him one of the strongest rebukes in the 2016 election.

Immigration and climate change topped out the list for issues most on voters' minds as they think about the presidential primary. Perhaps more surprising, though, is that raising the minimum wage and addressing racism ranked at the bottom of the list. While minimum wage seems to be an almost Bernie-specific issue on the national stage, racism has garnered widespread national attention. It is surprising to see Vermonters rank it towards the bottom of their list of priorities.

Thank you to anyone who participated in our survey. 


Happy Commenting,


-The Vermont Water Cooler Team

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  • Scott Wendel
    This comment violates the Vermont Water Cooler ground rules /rules
  • Chuck Thompson
    commented 2019-10-06 13:07:24 -0400
    Great data, thanks

    Both Sanders & Biden are wounded Ducks, maybe they will still be
    standing after the next debate……… Warren she’s just crazy !!

    All the other Dems are getting there five minutes of fame with a zero

    Glad to see Republican siding with the President and not those fly by
    nighters, again five minutes of fame. Trump has an economy, jobs, and
    unemployment numbers, Impeachment is a pipe dream, you need facts
    not stories.

    Governor’s Race, what’s there to say, " rock & a hard spot " !!

    If DemocRATs keep pushing Socialism & Impeachment well, they
    will have opened the door for Trump 2020… Boy, are they going to cry !!