Face masks of Essex: Residents weigh in on debate about face coverings – Essex Reporter

On social media, often seemingly innocent posts can become political almost immediately. On the Essex Community Facebook page one of the main objects of contention is the use of face masks.

“Links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, GIFs and incorrectly used Karen memes clog feeds with data dumping and personal insults. It seems there is no consensus in the Essex community on what masks can do to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. With Vermont now mandating mask use, some community members must comply with a public health guideline they feel it is their choice to ignore. Dr. Cindy Noyes, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Vermont Medical Center, acknowledges the confusion that accompanied information on face masks back in March. “Initially, face mask use was thought not to be of significant benefit. And the ‘why’ behind that, I think, is sometimes hard to exactly know. But one of the reasons was trying to preserve PPE for healthcare workers or frontline. I think the other piece is that there was a lot of question as to what the efficacy is of different types of masks,” said Noyes."



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  • Guy Page
    commented 2020-08-26 11:45:43 -0400
    I’m frustrated by the lack of consensus and (seeming) politicking going on with the Covid-19 prevention and testing protocols. Do masks work? Does hydroxychlorine? Is the antigen testing wrong, or the PCR? As with climate, smoking, abortion, and virtually any other “controversial” scientific question, the policy advos are running the debate.
  • d pilone
    commented 2020-08-21 06:33:46 -0400
    What we got to fear is fear itself. Give me Liberty or give me COVID.
  • Mark Maloney
    commented 2020-08-20 09:20:51 -0400
    There is a simple way to demonstrate the (in)effectiveness of wearing a cloth or surgical mask. Ask a smoker or vaper to pull down their cloth mask and take a pull on their product of choice, then pull their mask up into the correct position and exhale.
    The CDC has done ten studies on wearing a cloth mask in a non-hospital setting to prevent the transmission of the flu virus. The first study was done in 1946, the last in 2018. All ten showed no measurable effectiveness. We are being railroaded.