Air Force rejects request to further study afterburner noise of F-35s – WFFF

There’s no new information to consider, so the Air Force won’t do further study on the noise created by F-35 afterburners stationed in South Burlington, as requested by an anti-F-35 advocate, Rosanne Greco.


"James Dumont, Greco’s attorney, reached out to the Air Force in August after reports that the Air Force had predicted up to 10 times more afterburner use than originally anticipated at other F-35 bases. In September, as the Vermont National Guard prepared for the arrival of the first two F-35As , Brigadier General Greg Knight said the guard is committed to using afterburners just five percent of the time."

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  • C Henry
    commented 2019-10-01 16:54:51 -0400
    Air Force rejects a request to further study afterburner noise of F-35,
    good we’ve spent enough time listening to these whiners, the Jets are
    here to stay !!

    So your options are to enjoy the freedom of the Jets or possibly find
    a real estate agent.

    I assume Rosanne Greco, is looking at a political position in the near
    future with her rhetoric !!