Even without TCI, transportation carbon emissions to drop 19% - Ethan Allen Institute

The Transportation Climate Initiative’s own research shows that thanks to more fuel efficient cars and the growth of electric vehicles, transportation carbon emissions will decline 19% even with no TCI carbon tax. So – why are they pushing it so hard? Could it be just another take-money-from-my-competitor-and-give-it-to-me crony capitalist maneuver by the renewable power industry?

“According TCI’s own data, if the New England/Mid-Atlantic states considering this pact DID NOT join TCI and pay the Carbon Tax, carbon emissions would still drop by a projected 19 percent regardless. If the states did sign on to TCI and pay the Carbon Tax, those emissions would drop to somewhere between 20 and 25 percent. That’s only a 1 to 6 percent difference over the course of a decade, 2022-2032. And what would that very minor deviation cost? The 1 percent impact option (7¢ per gallon), again according to TCI, will cost people in the region $1.4 billion ANNUALLY, or $14 billion over that ten years. The 6 percent impact option (17¢ per gallon) will cost drivers $56 billion.

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