Ethnic Winooski to consider allowing non-citizens to vote - Seven Days

On Election Day in November, the immigrant-heavy city of Winooski will consider allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections.

"Nearly 10 percent of its voting-age residents are not citizens, according to the U.S. Census Bureau — a rate more than double that of the Burlington metro area. The proposal would allow noncitizen voting only in city and school elections; state and federal ballots would remain off-limits."

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  • Rob Roper
    commented 2020-10-20 19:21:49 -0400
    Legal immigrants are some of the most productive, entrepreneurial people in our country. We want them to become citizens. But, until they do, they are still legal subjects of another nation, and should not be allowed to vote in US elections at any level.
  • d pilone
    commented 2020-10-16 07:52:41 -0400
    Many immigrants have come from totalitarian governments that have enslaved their citizens, terrorized the population and denied them upward mobility. Immigrants appreciate the law more than many and the constitution and probably know it better than the majority of US citizens. And because of their commitment will earn their citizenship like all that have come before them. The census counts their numbers for representation so elected officials can provide the needed programs for assimilation into the American society. Welcome
  • David Flemming
    published this page in The News 2020-10-15 17:01:53 -0400