Election analysis: for Dem/Prog loss of supermajority, GOP can thank Scott & Klar - Vermont Daily

Ding, dong the Dem supermajority is dead, wilting under the cold water splashed on it by both Phil Scott and grassroots campaigner extraordinaire John Klar. (Unpopular bills like the Global Warming Solutions Act and marijuana legalization didn’t help, either.)

“And while they’re licking their wounds, they (and many Republicans as well) could ponder how things might have turned out otherwise without John Klar. John Klar was the most effective grassroots powerhouse of 2020. Not even BLM, with all of its media and political support and splashy events, accomplished as much in political gains. Ignored by the mainstream press, with no money, but gifted with plenty of drive and a biting gift of gab, the lawyer/farmer/pastor built a campaign to 1) elect himself governor and 2) elect rural, little-known, “outsider” Vermonters to the Legislature. The roster of House and Senate candidates grew to 29, running in every county but Franklin and Grand Isle."



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