Editorial: Waive upcoming weeklong vacation in the school year? Don’t bet on it - St. Albans Messenger

The usual school vacation break would be a good time for everyone in the public school system - school districts, state officials, teachers - to say, “we’ll keep working through that school vacation this year. It’s for the good.”

"Just once, it would be refreshing to witness the teachers — en masse — push back and say, “No, we have this. We think our students need us and need the structure and continuity that our presence provides. We appreciate our weekly paychecks, we appreciate that our jobs are not threatened, we appreciate that our benefits are secure. We appreciate that we are so much better off than the average Vermonter.

“We also know that our students are not getting the same quality education they received when we had them in our classrooms, and we know that for the last month we’ve been occupied with the need to put remote learning plans in place. Everyone else is being asked to do more, so, yes, we’d like to stay on the job for that vacation week. We have this. We’re going to take care of our students.”

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