Economist Woolf: staff VT schools like NH and save $365 million – VT Digger

New Hampshire has pretty good educational outcomes. And it pays a lot, lot less than Vermont. Lawmakers looking to save might want to send a study team across the Connecticut River to see how NH manages with its higher student-teacher ratio.

"Our high spending is not due to higher-than-average salaries. Vermont teachers’ salaries average $57,300; a few thousand less than the U.S. average. Lower-than-average teacher salaries should translate into lower-than-average spending, just the opposite of what the numbers show. We do have a lot more teachers, given the number of students in our schools, than one would expect given national norms.

In the 50 states as a whole, the ratio of students per teacher is 16-to-1: On average each teacher teaches 16 students. In Vermont, the ratio is 10.5-to-1. That’s the smallest ratio in the United States. A school with 200 students in the U.S. would average 13 teachers. In Vermont a school of that size would employ 19 teachers.

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