Drilling for oil in Vermont – The Vermont Eagle

An oil derrick over a 4,500 foot deep oil well can be seen on a farm in Addison County, a remnant of the 1950’s when Vermont experienced a drilling boom (but without finding much oil). But it’s still legal to drill – you just can’t use the hydro-fracturing technology.

“As early as the mid-1950s, the American Gas Association had mapped the lake region in detail and designated it as a promising source for future oil and gas development. The remains of one large commercial drilling operation, which began in 1957, can still be seen on the old Yandow Farm in St. Albans. The Yandow well was drilled to a depth of 4,500 feet. “The well, drilled by the Henderson Company, used a cable-tool rig typical of 20th-century wells in Texas. As time passed, the wooden blocks at the base of the derrick rotted and the derrick settled on the wellhead, tipping it about 30 degrees,” according to the Vermont Geological Survey project summary.

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