Reporter Donoghue “raises eyebrows” over role in priest sex-abuse case - VT Digger

VT Digger is wondering in print if veteran police and ‘open government’ reporter Mike Donoghue has gone over to the dark side for not telling everything he knows about the Burlington diocese sex-abuse scandal. Donoghue sat on diocese lay (non-clerical) committee reviewing the facts before the diocese issued a recent report naming priests who engaged in sex abuse. The story quotes people critical of Donoghue – as well as some working journalists who say semi-retired reporters should be allowed to have a life outside of journalism.

"Donoghue had access to the files that could answer some of these questions. But he says he won’t talk about what he knows, beyond what’s in the report. His role has raised eyebrows among some editors, ethics experts and victim advocates who believe that he has acted hypocritically, tarnished his independence, or worse."

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  • Alan Sexton
    commented 2019-09-24 15:26:54 -0400
    Vermont Digger should first purge their overtly subjective staff before next publishing, well, anything. This is nothing than a hit-piece against an honorable man.