DMV to re-open some services - Rutland Herald

Vermonters will soon be able to once more take the driver’s test through the Vermont Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

"Minoli said those at the department understand how difficult it has been to have these services suspended. “We also know that there are a lot of young people right now who have had many exciting opportunities and important activities taken away because of COVID. That includes learner’s permits and driver’s license tests. I grew up in Montpelier and I remember very clearly the excitement I felt when I had the opportunity to head to that big, beautiful building at 120 State St. to take my road test. For teens, getting a driver’s license is a milestone, a right of passage and a newfound freedom and independence.” She said she also understands the difficulty placed on families who otherwise could have had another driver available to run errands or check on family members during the pandemic."

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