DMV makes millions selling Vermont driver information – VT Digger

Who knew? VT Dept. of Motor Vehicles has been selling information about you (if you have a license or registration) to insurance companies and other data collectors for 15 years. For last three years, DMV has ‘earned’ $4 million/year from this heretofore generally-unknown practice.

“In 2015, the DMV made $3.4 million selling the information. From 2016 to 2018, the department brought in $4 million each year. Information about data sales in previous years was unavailable.

DMV officials say the vast majority of the revenue comes from insurance companies and businesses who buy information about their employees’ driving histories.

However, the department has also allowed law firms, private investigators and out-of-state corporations to buy or access personal information about Vermont drivers, including where they live, the cars they drive, their driving records and their criminal histories.

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