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Dave Zuckerman supports 24-hour waiting period for buying a gun, and keeping it locked up at home. Rebecca Holcombe wants a 48-hour waiting period. Feel safer now?

David Zuckerman — Supports a 24-hour waiting period for gun purchases. Open to supporting a requirement that all guns kept in a home need to be stored with a lock, though not 100% committed to the idea. John Klar — Believes Vermont’s magazine ban and the background check laws are unconstitutional. Wants to freeze all gun laws “as a truce” so that more focus can be placed on the economy and the Covid-19 crisis. Rebecca Holcombe — Wants to close the Charleston loophole, which can allow people to purchase guns without completing a background check if it is not completed within a certain amount of time. Supports a 48-hour waiting period. Phil Scott — Believes the state should give reforms enacted in 2018 time to work.."

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