Did Vermont Planned Parenthood get Paycheck Protection money? - Vermont Daily

Governor Scott said he doesn’t know. Planned Parenthood spokesperson Lucy Leriche won’t say. And Vermonters are still left wondering: has the Vermont affiliate received a piece of the $80 million pie handed out nationwide to the nation’s leading abortion provider?

“Calling the phone number provided on the PPNEE website, I identified myself in my Vermont Daily capacity and asked directly if PPNEE has applied for and is a recipient of federal SBA Paycheck Protection Program funding. After a brief pause, Leriche said she didn’t recognize my number on her caller ID and said she had to get back to a phone call, immediately. Then she said she would get back to me. Then she said it might be better if I sent her an email and she would respond “when I can.” “You can’t just give me a yes or a no on that?,” I asked. “I really need to get back to my call,” Leriche answered."



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