Despite pressure, corrections won’t release inmates - Seven Days

The get-out-of-jail-free advocates are calling for Vermont prisons to be emptied due to inmate coronavirus health concerns. But the new Commissioner of Corrections is having none of it.

""I hear from a lot of folks about who should be let out of jail," he said. "But I gotta tell you, I'd be worried about the level of care that they'd get outside. The system would be stressed even more. It's not as simple as people [are] making it sound. And in some case, folks have nowhere to go." According to Baker, no Vermont prisoners have been given a test for the virus because none have exhibited symptoms that would require one — and because test kits are in short supply."

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  • Sharon Hart
    commented 2020-03-23 11:56:06 -0400
    I think it’s ridiculous to even consider releasing inmates! Why take people from a contained environment, and let them out into the public, putting themselves and all of us at risk?