Deputy sheriff saves another child’s life - St. Albans Messenger

For the second time this year, Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Camilleri has saved the life of a child. In Richford, his quick action seeking medical treatment saved the life of a teenaged girl who had suffered a dog bite. And last Sunday, he gave CPR to a newborn who wasn’t breathing, and instructed a family member to give CPR while he spoke with medical authorities. Then child survived – but almost certainly would not have if Deputy Camilleri hadn’t been on the scene and up to the task.

"When Camilleri arrived, he reportedly found the baby did not have a pulse and a family member was administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR. Per the sheriff’s office, Camilleri continued CPR on the newborn and instructed another household member in CPR so Camilleri could coordinate with responding emergency services providers. According to the sheriff’s office, the baby began letting out small gasps of breath while CPR was being administered. Upon arriving, Richford Rescue members took over caring for the newborn and the mother.

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