Deputy Sheriff accused of road-rage shooting granted Christmas curfew relief – Valley News

A retired U.S. Army soldier and former Berlin, VT police department officer has been granted some holiday relief from the 24-hour curfew he’s been living under since being charged with a road-rage shooting.

“Pine is facing two counts of attempted aggravated assault following the incident in early October. Kevin Goodale, 41 of Brookfield, and Nathan Lyonnais, 37, of Barton, Vt., told police they were driving in Williamstown, Vt., when someone started tailgating them around 7:45 p.m. When they reached the intersection with Route 64, the person pulled in front of them, cutting off their car, according to an October news release from the Vermont State Police. The two men drove away and reported hearing gunshots behind them, with two of the bullets hitting their car, police said in the release. The person identified himself as a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the release said. Pine is a former Berlin, Vt., police officer and a veteran who served 23 years in the U.S. Army before retiring in 2016.

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