Dems/Progs lose supermajority in Vermont House - Seven Days

The official supermajority is gone, but Dems and Progs can still muster 100 votes if a few independents come their way. If anything the “independent caucus” just became a fulcrum of political power in the Legislature.

"For the past two years, Democrats and Progressives have controlled 102 seats in the House, while Republicans have had 43 and independents five. In the next biennium, Democrats and Progressives are expected to control 99 seats, with Republicans taking 46 and independents holding steady at five. "That's Vermonters showing they want the governor to have more support in the legislature," said Paul Dame, political director of the Vermont Republican Party."

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  • David Flemming
    published this page in The News 2020-11-05 21:50:54 -0500