Dems knock Scott for no masking order - VT Digger

The politicization of the pandemic continues, as Democratic candidates for governor say incumbent Phil Scott is placing Vermonters in deadly peril by not requiring all Vermonters to wear masks in public. Will the winner of the August 11 primary still insist on masks?

“Somebody who was truly leading with public health in mind, based on the advice of experts, would be telling Vermonters to wear masks right now, especially given what we’ve seen nationally,” Holcombe said. “To me, there’s a really important bottom line that they’re not acknowledging,” she added, “which is that it isn’t just about suppressing a surge once it’s already here. It’s actually about preventing one in the first place.” Zuckerman said the governor must decide “if he’s going to follow the lead of President Trump, listening to a small minority base who believes their inconvenience in wearing a mask is more important than public health, or is he going to stand up to those folks and say everyone wears a mask to support the public good. He’s trying to have it both ways but I don’t think that’s acceptable in a pandemic."

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