Democrat gube candidates debate health care, taxes, climate change - True North

The leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor stayed on their talking points about systemic racial injustice, universal health care, and climate change during a recent debate.

“On social justice issues, Zuckerman said white supremacy is real and pervasive. “We have to recognize that racism and white supremacy are part of a multi-generational systemic issue that has affected all of our economy and all of our citizens in disproportionate ways as you mentioned like in housing and wealth accumulation,” he said. Holcombe also said racism needs to be addressed with policy changes. “I would also do implicit bias training for all the agencies just as we did at the Agency of Education,” she said. “I would evaluate every single policy proposal that came to me through the eyes of equity to make sure that we are truly sharing opportunity and not re-enforcing the inequities that we already have."



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