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The Vermont Democratic this week launches a strategic poll to determine who the real front-runner is among the possible candidates for governor. At present the only Dem candidate is former Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe. Will Zuckerman, TJ Donovan, or an outsider like GMP Prez Mary Powell jump in?

"The poll, scheduled to go out this week, will include questions about key Democratic policy issues, and ask Vermonters who they would favor in a potential governor’s race — if it's Donovan vs. Scott or Zuckerman vs. Scott — according to two sources in the party.

Zuckerman and Donovan have for months been considering runs for governor, including discussion with each other. Two sources familiar with their thinking said they are angling to make final decisions by the end of the year."

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  • Richard Ley
    commented 2019-10-31 09:39:01 -0400
    If Vermont does not make a move to get away from the Socialist agenda that is destroying the state we are all doomed.

    How can anyone consider electing TJ Donovan when he has no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution of the United States of America. These are not just my thoughts on Donovan but these are proven through his past actions.

    As far as David Zuckerman goes he’s a Bernie boy and he is hell bent on the destruction of Vermont through socialism.

    We need a real Republican candidate for governor to run in the state of Vermont… and when one is elected we will have the opportunity to make Vermont the great state she once was.

    I am encouraging everyone to get out and vote Republican or we are going to lose this beautiful state.